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Desert Biologist / Botanist


Required: Bachelors Degree in Biology, Experience in Conducting Field Surveys

Targeted Specialist: Biologist/Botanist

Seeking a biologist/botanist with knowledge of and field experience (B.S., min. 8 years) with Great Basin and Mojave Desert flora and fauna, as well as interest and experience developing all or portions of survey reports, biological assessments, NEPA documents, and conservation/mitigation plans. May include conducting surveys for rare/protected plants, non-native/noxious weeds, migratory birds, desert tortoises, and other protected resources. May include implementing mitigation and monitoring compliance for construction projects. Would include collection/management of data and development of biological resource reports and other environmental reports under the supervision of a Project Manager and/or Senior Biologist. May include supporting Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments, hazardous material surveys and monitoring, grant application development, agency/public outreach, and proposal development. Assignments may require innovative project planning and implementation, as well as strict adherence to regulatory requirements; independent assignments in remote locations or working as part of an interdisciplinary team.

BEC Environmental Scientists working on a construction site to monitor for the Mojave desert tortoise