BEC Environmental,  Inc.

Natural Resources & Water Regulatory Services

BEC Environmental, Inc.

Natural Resources & Water Regulatory Services

BEC’s natural resource professionals provide our clients with comprehensive support related to natural resources, including species inventories, permitting and agency consultation, mitigation planning and implementation, and compliance oversight. BEC conducts habitat assessment and species inventories to help determine site selection, alternatives development, impact evaluation, permitting and impact minimization. BEC develops Biological Assessments and Habitat Conservation Plans to address impacts to listed species. BEC’s working relationships with resources agency biologists and species-specific experts, allows for effective development of reasonable mitigation measures, balancing project progress and resource conservation.

Natural Resources & Water Regulatory Related Services 

Biological Assessments & Evaluation

Botanical/Weed Resource Surveys & Reporting

Desert Tortoise Surveys & Mitigation

Endangered Species Act Permitting & Compliance

Government Liaison & Relations

Jurisdictional Waterway Surveys & Site Studies

Migratory Bird Surveys & Reporting

Resource Permitting & Compliance Support

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

Wildlife Resource Surveys & Mitigation

Wellhead / Source Water

A young endangered Mojave desert tortoise sitting in the sun

Endangered Species Act Permitting & Compliance Support

BEC Environmental Scientists walk transects in a desert in Pahrump Nevada during a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Biological Assessments & Evaluations

Lines of Yucca plants

Botanical Resource Surveys & Reporting

An industrial plant with towers, tanks, and heavy equipment

Desert Tortoise Surveys & Mitigation

Migratory Bird Surveys & Reporting

A herd of big horned sheep stand atop a hill overlooking Lake Mead

Wildlife Resource Surveys & Mitigation