Environmental Site Characterization

Environmental Site Characterization

Phase I & II
Environmental Site Assessments

BEC Environmental Scientists walk transects in a desert in Pahrump Nevada during a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Regulated Building Material Surveys

Roofing tiles that are asbestos containing materials

Asbestos-containing Materials (ACM) Surveys

An example of a BEC Asbestos Sampling Location Map in several damaged and intact buildings.

Chemical Inventories

Spreadsheet for Hazardous Materials and Chemical Inventory

Lead-based Paint Inspection & Risk Assessment

A BEC Environmental Scientist uses an XRF Spectrometer to analyze the paint on the side of a brownfield building for lead content

Commercial Mold Inspection

An industrial plant with towers, tanks, and heavy equipment

Radon Measurements

BEC Environmental Scientists use plastic sheeting to cover ventalated areas in a basement in preparation for radon testing.

Sampling & Analysis Plans

BEC Environmental scientists stand near a core drill in preparation of collecting soil samples to test for contamination