Our Team


Eileen Christensen

Principal Scientist

Eileen Christensen is the Principal Scientist for BEC Environmental, Inc., which she founded in 2002. She has more than 25 years of experience in environmental, health, and safety consulting. During that time, she has served as Project Manager for a variety of environmental projects for local, state, federal, and foreign governments and private industry. Eileen specializes in sustainable community and economic development, focusing on the nexus between brownfields identification, assessment, and reuse; clean energy development; efficient water use; and water quality protection. Eileen works with local residents, governmental leaders, and other stakeholders to identify potential mechanisms to bring their vision for community, growth, and/or revitalization to fruition through advanced planning, funding identification, and project facilitation.

Elizabeth Nelson

CEO & President

Elizabeth Nelson is the President and Chief Executive Officer for BEC. She has more than 30 years’ experience working in public practice with businesses to enhance profitability. Elizabeth oversees process control, including quality assurance and quality control, and provides training and mentoring for the BEC team.

Richard Nelson

Executive Vice President

Richard Nelson is a systems management specialist whose talents range from the preparation of critical path schedules to managing multi-disciplinary projects involving planning, construction, general operations, and maintenance. A retired U.S. Air Force officer, Richard’s project experience spans more than 30 years and covers careers in the military, corporate business, and consulting. He is adept at coordinating resource allocation with multiple system interactions. He reviews system needs and identifies resource requirements for each project, schedules deadlines or milestones based on regulatory requirements, and/or resource availability, and works to optimize project performance and reduce timeframe requirements.

Erika Balderson

Senior Environmental Scientist

Erika has more than 15 years of experience in environmental impact analysis, compliance, reporting, and permitting. Working for government agencies and private consulting firms, she has established a strong knowledge base on biological, environmental, and regulatory aspects for a variety of ecosystems and industries. As a certified AHERA Building Inspector and licensed EPA Risk Assessor for lead-based paint, she has participated in asbestos, lead-based paint, and other hazardous materials surveys at locations throughout Nevada. As a Nevada Department of Transportation certified Water Pollution Control Manager, she has conducted water quality assessments and stormwater pollution prevention monitoring and reporting in accordance with regional, county, and state regulations. As Project Manager and Field Team Supervisor, she has: conducted sensitive plant and animal population surveys for various state and federal agencies on federal, tribal, state and private lands throughout the southwest; prepared reports in support of field surveys, including environmental impact fatal flaw analysis, Biological Evaluations, Biological Assessments and Environmental Assessments; and reviewed and summarized permitting requirements for multiple project types on state, county, and federal lands


Rachel Schlick

Environmental Scientist

Rachel Schlick is a Certified Environmental Manager and an Environmental Scientist with BEC. Her professional experience includes brownfields site identification, assessment, and cleanup planning; chemical inventories; Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments; Asbestos and Lead based paint surveys; GIS analysis; and associated reporting and stakeholder coordination.Rachel’s responsibilities include project management, technical reporting, agency communication, and client coordination for brownfields programs.

Danny Rakestraw

Senior Biologist

Danny has more than 25 years of professional experience in the environmental sciences, permitting, and regulatory compliance industry. He has provided technical, management, marketing, and strategic planning support for engineering and environmental consulting firms. His experience includes supporting and managing interdisciplinary teams and projects in the areas of fossil and renewable power generation and transmission; rail, highway and airport facilities; water resources; land development; and federal programs. He has effectively coordinated commercial, state, and federal clients through numerous regulatory processes including Endangered Species Act, Environmental Impact Assessments, and Clean Water Act Section 404.

Yolanda Arnold

Account Manager

Yolanda Arnold joined BEC in 2010. She is an accomplished accounting and human resources professional with over 15 years of experience in the fields of business administration and accounting in public and private sectors.  She oversees all areas of finance and administration including: payroll, accounts payable and receivables, job costing, cash management, general ledger, inventory, banking, and reconciliations. She also provides strategic analyses for senior management to determine project and company profitability, prepares quarterly financial statements , and develops special reports required by clients. She ensures compliance with small business regulations, tax laws, insurance requirements, industry standards, etc.

Martin Lopez

IT Manager

Martin Lopez is BEC’s Information Technology (IT) Manager. His previous experience includes computer technology, along with several independently contracted positions related to computer management and information technology. Martin joined the BEC team in 2009, bringing a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to the company.He is well-versed in computer systems and network functions and possesses an extensive skill set in the IT field. He works diligently and accurately with a great problem-solving ability to fix issues and ensure functionality.

Danielle Viglione

Environmental Scientist

Danielle Viglione is an Environmental Scientist and Field Biologist with BEC. She coordinates and conducts field surveys and  develops technical environmental and biological reports. She performs plant and animal surveys, site characterizations, and environmental compliance oversight of construction activities for government and private clients.Danielle’s experience includes performing surveys and preparing associated reports for numerous sensitive plant and animal surveys and monitoring, for Mojave desert tortoise, Small mammals, migratory birds, noxious weeds, cactus and yucca.

Kelly Sheehan

Environmental Technician

Kelly Sheehan’s degree is in Urban Affairs with a concentration in Environmental Studies. Her professional experience includes maintaining and operating a groundwater treatment facility, conducting groundwater sampling and real-time evaluation of analytical testing. As an Environmental Technician at BEC, she collects environmental samples, performs site inspections, and researches and prepares Environmental Reviews, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, Area Wide Plans, Sampling and Analysis Plans, and Health and Safety Plans. She recently expanded her expertise by obtaining certification as a Water Pollution Control Manager to conduct water quality assessments and stormwater pollution prevention monitoring and reporting in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Robin Schofield

Environmental Scientist

Robin Schofield has over six years of experience working in southern Nevada, mainly Nye and Clark County, in the environmental sciences. She is involved with all aspects of natural resource management, but the majority of her time is spent supporting rare plant and vegetation programs. This involves conducting vegetation surveys, preparing plant community maps and reports, and using geographical information systems (GIS) for modeling vegetation communities. Robin has also been involved with many other projects including desert tortoise, bighorn sheep, other large mammals, raptor and migratory birds.

Rachel Kistler

Environmental Technician

Rachel is an Environmental Technician at BEC Environmental, Inc. She received her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a concentration in Plant Resources from Virginia Tech. She has six years of combined laboratory research, analytical testing, field research, and environmental health and safety experience. She provides field support for ongoing projects, such as conducting plant and animal surveys, soil sampling, and environmental site assessments, in addition to providing support for economic development, conservation and preservation, research, and planning initiatives for local, state and federal agencies as well as private clients throughout Nevada.